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Recreational Water Illness

  I have gathered some information on Recreational Water Illness that might help you understand where the problem comes from and how to avoid getting ill. Around the country there is a health concern about Recreational Water Illness. The Centers for Disease Control states that all bodies of water contain microorganisms, no matter how clean a lake or river may look. Contaminants include heavy rainfall, animal feces and agricultural runoff. Most Recreational water illnesses are germs spread by swallowing or having contact with contaminated water in lakes and rivers etc. Around the country Public Health Departments have implemented health campaigns to get individuals to take preventive steps to minimize health risks for themselves and their children. Recommended steps to help prevent Recreational Water Illness It is important to avoid both getting water in your mouth and swallowing water Avoid swimming in water that appears, cloudy or smells Avoid swimming after a heavy rain Do not feed s

Keep Summer Boating Safe in Michigan

Summer is just around the corner. I know you and your boat are just waiting to have fun. Make this summer’s boating fun a safe one by keeping these boating and personal watercraft safety tips in mind: Don’t overload, observe weight limits Always wear a life jacket Know the waters you are navigating. Always carry a map Report accidents immediately Boating and alcohol do not mix Use your lights at sunset, before sunrise and when foggy Littering is illegal No harassing water birds Take a boat safety class I have more safety tips and special non profit blogs on my Val Cares web page. Valerie Bomberger ABR, AHWD Re/Max Harbor Country.