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In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

 I wanted to share with you the steps I am taking  to keep my clients safe. These are unprecedented times, and I understand the uncertainty that many are experiencing. While we all take a break from what was our normal, it's important to remember to take this time to stay healthy and remember what matters most is you and those you love. 

We are seeing historic low mortgage rates and new buying opportunities emerging in markets across the U.S. When the time is right, I'm here to help you - whether it's to navigate your local real estate market, help you buy a new home, or sell your current one. My website offers a number of useful tools and features that will help you with your real estate mission when you're ready. We are all in this together, and I'll be right here when things have settled down.

Here are a few things that I am doing to try keep my buyers and sellers safe.

  • I am doing virtual open houses only 

  • I have  adopted a policy of having  all buyers needing a pre-qualification letter so that only qualified and serious buyers can have a in-person showings

  • I ask all buyers to stay in their car until I ask them to get out

  • I ask the seller to open all inside doors,cabinets, drawers, closets, window coverings, and to turn on lights. This keeps clients from touching knobs

  • I maintain a minimum of six feet of space between my clients at all times.

  • I do not shake hands with clients.

  • I limit the number of persons who may attend a showing

  • I require my clients to use hand sanitizer before entering the property

  • I require my clients to remove footwear or wear booties

  • I require my clients to wear a face mask and gloves.

  • I caution my buyers to avoid touching any surfaces in the home, such as light switches, cabinet and door handles.

  • I do not allow my buyers to use bathroom facilities at the property.

  • I do not share phones, pens, or tablets with my clients

As with everything concerning the coronavirus we can only do so much. Buyers and sellers assume the risk and hereby agree to release and to hold harmless the Brokerage, any cooperating brokers and their respective agents and employees from all claims and liability resulting from exposure to disease causing organisms such the Covid- 19. 

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me,, or head to my website for more information,!


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